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KCATA Invites Comments on Proposed 2012 Route Changes

Posted by Transit Action Network on September 13, 2011

KCATA is proposing changes to transit service in Kansas City, Mo. The goal, according to the Metro, is to provide the most efficient service while holding the line on costs and not increasing the their budget.

Route changes for more than 50 routes serving Kansas City, Mo. have been released for public review and comment.  Phased implementation will begin as early as April, 2012.

These proposals are a result of a Comprehensive Service Analysis, or CSA, performed by transit consulting firm Nelson Nygaard of Boston.

We encourage you to review the proposed changes.

There are several ways to comment:

  • Online Form:
  • Mail: KCATA, Planning Dept., 1200 E. 18th St., Kansas City, MO 64108
  • Phone: 816-346-0300 (leave comment on prerecorded line)
  • Email:
  • Public Meetings: To be scheduled this fall. Meetings will be announced on the KCATA website, in passenger bulletins and on TAN’s website.

Once comments are received, schedules will be designed to improve reliability, provide more direct service and better match demand.  “One of the goals of the CSA is to make riding transit more attractive by designing service that is more intuitive and rider-friendly,” says a KCATA news release.

For further perspective, view a presentation about the proposed changes made to the KCATA Board of Commissioners in August.  It gives an overview of the CSA process.

Presentation of Proposed Route Changes 2012

TAN is reviewing the proposed changes and will be submitting comments.

Many of the changes look really good to us.  Here are some of our initial impressions:

  • Providing service to KCI between 5:30 am and 11:00 pm, seven days a week, will be a great improvement.  Seven-day service to the airport is of enormous symbolic importance.
  • We didn’t see indication that Main Street MAX would be straightened through Downtown, or that Plaza-only trips would be extended to 51st Street in order to better serve UMKC and the Plaza Library.
  • Elimination of Route 57 means there will be no local stops on Main between the Plaza and Downtown.  That might be a problem.
  • Service changes proposed for the area west of Main Street appear complicated and deserve careful review.
  • Service changes proposed for the Northland are, likewise, complicated and deserve careful review.
  • It’s a small thing, but we especially like the emphasis on “clockface headways.”  This means buses would be scheduled to come past each stop at regular intervals — every 10, 15, 20, 30, or 60 minutes.  Thus, for example, you’d be able to count on a bus at 17 and 47 minutes past the hour.  (Night service at the 10th and Main Transit Center already works this way — after 6:30 pm, buses on 10 or more routes depart shortly after 10 and 40 minutes past the hour.)

One last very important point:  Proposed route changes may make transit a little less convenient for some people, but it’s also likely that the change will make transit a more viable option for even more people.  That’s what’s really important.


2 Responses to “KCATA Invites Comments on Proposed 2012 Route Changes”

  1. Rita McFarland said

    I live in the Northland along the Prairie View Corridor, in the past year there have been several new bus stop stations installed, which is a nice feature for those needing to wait. My concern is that the people waiting for the bus are leaving trash behind and who is responsible
    to make sure this area is clean? The City told me it was the responsibility of ATA. The worst one is Prairie View & 64th Street on the SW corner. There is really no place to sit, except the rock wall & there is usually a yellow trash bad hanging on a tree limb with trash strewn about
    the hillside. I would like to see these areas stay clean and recommend that a receptacle be placed at each one with a weekly pick up from either the City or ATA. In our neighborhood we strive to keep our yards nice as well as the surrounding areas. Who can help us resolve
    this issue? Thanks.
    Rita McFarland

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