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So Many Studies, So Little Transit

Posted by Transit Action Network on September 14, 2011

In September of 2009, Brad Cooper of the KC Star wrote an article titled “KC’s rail dreams prove costly; Area has little to show for its money, but advocates say every study moves city closer to a solution.” Brad writes about Kansas City’s “love-hate relationship with transit that has cost taxpayers nearly $17 million, mostly in federal cash”.

In 2011 the Brookings Institution ranked the Kansas City region as 90th of 100 cities in our ability to get people to work using transit.

After decades of transit studies and a MARC developed regional transit plan called Smart Moves, why do we still have such limited transit service in the region?

Will the two “Alternatives Analysis” studies currently being conducted turn this pattern around?

Janet Rogers, co-founder of Transit Action Network, is convening a Communiversity course to discuss these issues and more on Oct 8. Be there!

From the Communiversity catalog:

Social Concerns Section

Millions and Millions of Dollars for Transit Studies-Where’s the Transit?
Why does the KC region have transit studies but rarely add any additional transit? What are our chances of getting a downtown streetcar or commuter rail? What happened to Smart Moves? What is an alternatives analysis? What can we do to improve the situation? Get the transit scoop from a co-founder of Transit Action Network and transit advocate for over a decade. Bring $2 to class for handouts. Janet Rogers worked to save the Eastern Jackson County commuter buses and restore KC transit funding.
CONVENER: Janet Rogers
CLASS FEE: $9.00
Sec. A: 1 session(s); Beginning Saturday, October 08, 2011 1:00 PM;
Flarsheim Hall, Rm. 260, 5110 Rockhill Rd., UMKC Campus, KCMO, Rockhill Rd. south of 51st.;

Communiversity Online Class Registration Site.

Course page


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