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New ID Card Puts Transit in UMKC Student Pockets

Posted by Transit Action Network on September 10, 2011

After years of discussion, UMKC students now enjoy public transit as part of their activity fee.

UMKC students who are currently enrolled and have a NEW “One Card” student ID have full access to MAX and other Metro bus routes.  Students just “swipe” their One Card through the farebox and ride in style.

Students voted last spring that all students would pay an additional $14 per term to get full access to the KCATA transit system. What’s more, the spring term card is good all summer, so the cost is only $28 dollars a year.

UMKC  is served by both Troost MAX and Main Street MAX, routes that have the highest level of service in the entire region. It’s less than a month into the program and already students are using their cards nearly 1,000 times a day, far more than projected.

To TAN’s surprise and pleasure, KCATA included access to its premium express routes from the suburbs. The Blue Springs, Lee’s Summit and Liberty routes are normally $3 each way, but the pass is also valid on these KCATA routes.

KCATA has posted a UMKC New Rider Starter Kit  on it’s website. The best part though is the link to a YouTube video the students made about the new service. We should all have that much energy! We do have that much enthusiasm for transit and the possibilities and options it provides: savings for students, plus a boost in ridership for The Metro.


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