Transit Action Network (TAN)

Advocates for Improved and Expanded Transit in the Kansas City Region.

TAN Videos

Welcome to our video page. Each video is accompanied with the link to the original article that accompanied it. Many of the articles have valuable additional information.


Jackson County US 71 Transit Study 2012

US 71 Transit Study – Video of Open House


Save The JO 2012

Series of videos dealing with the proposed eliminations and reductions to The JO, effective January 2013

Save The JO Video #7 – Seniors Speak Up

Save The JO – Video #6 – The Solution – Interview with Steve Klika

Save The JO – Videos #4 and #5 Interviews with Johnson County Commissioners

Save The JO – Video #3 Comments From the JCT Public Meeting

Save The JO – Video #2 Interview with Chuck Ferguson of Johnson County Transit

Save The JO — Video #1 Interview with JO Rider Henry Fortunato


KC Streetcar

Phase II Streetcar Expansion 2014

Video – KC Streetcar Expansion Election Watch and Mayor’s Speech

 Kansas City Downtown Streetcar

KC Streetcar Party Video

Watch the “KC Streetcar Stroll” Video, Attend the Public Meetings & Request Your Streetcar Ballot


Jackson County Commuter Corridors Alternatives Analysis 2011-2012

Video interview – Update on the Alternatives Analysis – May 2012

#5 Consultant Discusses the Preliminary Costs, Ridership and Time-Savings Estimates For The JCCCAA

Video interviews-Four part series looking at the alternatives being studied – February 2012

#1 MARC And Parsons Brinckerhoff Discuss The Current Status Of The Commuter Corridors Altenatives Analysis

#2 Parsons Brinckerhoff Consultant Discusses Three Alternatives In The JCCCAA (includes a background document from a previous MARC study and the study’s TSM/Express Bus map)

#3 Discussion About The Regional Rail Alternative for the JCCCAA  (includes the Regional Rail map via Truman Road and the display board used in the presentation)

#4 Enhanced Streetcar/DMU/BRT Combinations Are Discussed (includes a summary of the eight alternatives being studied and their maps, the display board used in the presentation and a comparison of the Traffic Control Elements being planned for the Regional Rail and Enhanced Streetcar options when they are traveling on streets)

2nd Open House Nov 29, 2011

Comment on Jackson County Commuter Corridors Alternatives Analysis and Watch Video of the Open House



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