Transit Action Network (TAN)

Advocates for Improved and Expanded Transit in the Kansas City Region.

TAN Radio

Links to podcasts of the shows are added to the blog post as soon as they are available.

KKFI operates a 100,000-watt transmitter, the most powerful allowed by FCC regulations. You can see their service map on Google Maps.

KKFI operates a 100,000-watt transmitter, the most powerful allowed by FCC regulations. You can see their service map on Google Maps.


Transit Talk OCT 27 – What You Need to Know About the Downtown Streetcar – 90.1FM KKFI

Tom Gerend, Executive Director of the KC Streetcar Authority ( discusses multiple issues on how the streetcar will change our interactions with downtown. What changes are needed to keep everyone safe and enjoy the riding experience? Why is riding it free? What do I do with my bike? Why aren’t wheelchairs tied down? What do I need to know to park my car and ride my bike along the streetcar tracks? Tom also address why he feels a modern streetcar was the right choice for KC instead of light rail.  Hosted by Janet Rogers.

Transit Talk Sept 29 – The Importance of APS and Carpooling – 90.1FM KKFI

Part 1. Janet Barlow, Accessible Design for the Blind, and Chris Lockey, Kansas City Public Works, talk about the life-saving technology of Accessible Pedestrian Signals (APS) and how they are being deployed in Kansas City. Hosted by Sheila Styron.

Part 2. Amanda Graor, Air Quality Program Manager at Mid-America Regional Council, discusses Carpooling (9% share of work trips in the KC region) and the RideShare program . Hosted by Janet Rogers

Transit Talk Aug 18 – Regional Transit Landscape Is Changing Rapidly – 90.1FM KKFI

Dick Jarrold and Jameson Auten of KCATA discuss recent major changes to regional transit and the impact the changes will make on the community, especially the increased tax revenue passed by Johnson County.  Hosted by Janet Rogers.

Transit Talk July 7 – Bicycling and Walking in the KC Region – 90.1FM KKFI

Are you noticing more bike lanes on the roads? How are some Kansas City kids earning a free bike? What is Bike Share? Is the Kansas City region becoming more walkable?

Eric Rogers Director of BikeWalkKC and Chair of the Kansas City, MO Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee, and Kristen Jeffers, BikeWalkKC Communications and Membership Manager (known nationally for her blog, The Black Urbanist) talk about bicycling and walking in the Kansas City region. Hosted by Janet Rogers.

Transit Talk June 9 – Solving Our Inability To Get to Jobs by Transit on 90.1FM KKFI

Why can’t we get to 82% of the jobs in the Kansas City region by transit and what are we doing to improve the situation?

Lou Austin, Chairman of 3 Trails Village Community Improvement District (CID) discusses  the equity problem of not being able to get to jobs by transit . Then Karen Clawson, Transportation Planner for Mid-America Regional Council (MARC) and Chuck Ferguson, Chief Planning Officer at Kansas City Area Transportation Authority (KCATA) discuss how MARC and KCATA are dealing with the situation quantified by the Brookings Institution. Hosted by Janet Rogers

Transit Talk May 14 Transit Equity Issues In Our KC Region – 90.1FM KKFI

Lou Austin, Chairman of 3 Trails Village CID, and Janet Rogers of Transit Action Network discuss Transit Equity issues in the Kansas City region.

Transit Talk April 28 – Transit Vision and Safety With KCATA CEO Joe Reardon and VP Sam Desue

KCATA’s new CEO Joe Reardon discusses his vision for our regional transit system and the direction will he take KCATA. Vice President of Operations, Sam Desue is in charge of METRO/MAX operations and as KCATA’s safety expert, he discusses safety on the buses.

Joe and Sam  discuss how KCATA works to make riders and bus operators very safe, as well as what KCATA and the police department want riders to do in case of the occasional bad situation. Hosted by Janet Rogers

Transit Talk Mar 31 – Prospect MAX, RideKC and Re-Designing Downtown Transit on 90.1FM KKFI

Cindy Baker, KCATA Vice-President of Communications and Dick Jarrold, KCATA Vice President of Regional Planning and Development talk about

  1. The latest update on Prospect MAX.
  2. RideKC – the new regional logo for all things transit in the whole region.
  3. Downtown is getting a transit make-over.

Hosted Janet Rogers.

Transit Talk Feb 10 – Car Free By Choice in KC on 90.1FM KKFI

Interview with Sarah Madrid, David Johnson and Mike Lewyn on being car free by choice in Kansas City. How do they manage, what transportation package to they put together to replace owning a car, and what do they like best about being car free (more money isn’t the only answer!)? Hosted by Janet Rogers.

Transit Talk  Jan 6 – Your Civil Rights and Transit on 90.1 FM KKFI

Phone interview with Marc Brenman, a retired senior policy advisor for Civil Rights in the office of the U. S. Secretary of Transportation about how Civil Rights and Environmental Justice relate to transit. Marc currently writes, teaches and consults on human rights issues. Hosted by Janet Rogers.


Transit Talk Nov 18 – Interview with Robbie Makinen on KKFI 90.1FM  Interview with KCATA Chairman of the Board of Commissioners, Robbie Makinen, about the re-organization of the KCATA and the progress being made by the Regional Transit Co-Ordinating Council. Hosted by Janet Rogers.

Transit Talk Oct 14 – A Dose of Reality – KKFI 90.1FM‏ Interview with Dick Jarrold and Mark McDowell discuss why the Kansas City region struggles to pay for rail projects. Hosted by Janet Rogers.

KKFI Transit Talk Aug 19 Special Transportation in the KC Region Interview with Sheila Styron and Jameson Auten about Special Transportation issues. Hosted by Janet Rogers.

Transit Talk July 22- Not All Taxes are Created Equal – Vote No On Amendment 7 Interview with Linda Smith, Sheila Styron and David Kingsley about the upcoming MO transportation sales tax election. Hosted by Janet Rogers.

Transit Talk July 8 Upcoming KC Streetcar/MAX Election KKFI 90.1FM Interview with Councilman Russ Johnson and Dick Jarrold. Hosted by Janet Rogers.

Transit Talk on KKFI 90.1FM May 20 at 6PM  Prospect MAX, the Compressed Natural Gas conversion of the KCATA bus fleet, and an introduction to the work of the new Regional Transit Coordinating Council. Interview with Mark Huffer and Dick Jarrold. Hosted by Janet Rogers.


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