Transit Action Network (TAN)

Advocates for Improved and Expanded Transit in the Kansas City Region.

About Us

Transit Action Network is a grassroots organization working to improve and expand public transit in the Kansas City region.

We believe it is important to be informed and involved.

We believe it is important to stand up and speak out in favor of improved transit.

We strive for multi-modal seamless transit throughout the region.

We encourage people to use transit and make lifestyle changes so that transit is a viable choice for them.

We invite everyone to join our network.

We are:

Active    Involved    Constructive    Vocal 

Passionate    Nimble    Visible    Empowered

Pragmatic    Outspoken    Scrappy    Results-Oriented

Dues: NONE

Money is not a barrier to being an advocate. We don’t have an executive director, offices or office expenses. Instead of dues we pay for our own individual expenses. We would rather have your involvement than your money. There is plenty of work and fun to go around!

Improving transit tends to be a long, slow process. Transit studies can take a year or more. Maintaining funding sources for transit is very difficult. TAN advocates regularly meet with elected officials and their staff, participate in transit related meetings throughout the region and communicate with the transit agencies in an effort to improve and expand public transit for the people of our region.

Major achievement:  TAN identified the need for a city ordinance to stop KCMO from diverting large amounts of money away from transit. TAN then initiated a campaign and built a network of organizations and individuals to make this happen. In December 2010 the KC City Council passed an ordinance that would restore funding to public transit by $4 million or more a year. See A Great Victory for Transit ! and Celebration of Transit Victory

Some Additional Accomplishments/Activities:

  1. Elevated the issue of “Seamless Transit” and in response MARC convened a seamless transit workgroup. The workgroups efforts have led to this issue being included in the 2012 Committee Workplan.
  2. Initiated the creation of Streetcar Neighbors, a group of downtown residents dedicated to a successful outcome for the downtown Kansas City streetcar.
  3. Testified before the Kansas City Transportation and Infrastructure Committee to stop another irresponsible, un-fundable and unconstitutional Clay Chastain petition from being put on the ballot. (TAN T&I testimony Sept 2011). TAN worked with the law firm Posinelli and Stughart in this effort (Suggestions in Opposition to Adoption). Later a judge ruled that the City acted properly when it refused to put the petition initiative on the ballot.
  4. Prepared a plan for the regional leaders to address the seriously low rating Kansas City received by the Brookings Institution (90th of 100 in our ability to get people to work using transit)  How Our Region Should Respond to the Brookings Report
  5. Posted a series of transit related videos to help disseminate detailed transit information in a user-friendly manner about the Jackson County Commuter Corridors Alternatives Analysis.  TAN Videos
  6. Taught a class at Communiversity dealing with transit studies and why Kansas City struggles to advance transit. So Many Studies, So Little Transit
  7. Attended a national conference by the Center for Transportation Excellence on “How to Pass a Transit Ballot Initiative”.
  8. Participated in a national conference with Transportation Equity Network in Washington D.C. and advocated for transit on Capitol Hill. Report on National Transportation Conference.  Transit-An Endangered Species?
  9. Conducted an on-line transit forum for the 2011 Kansas City election of mayor and city council. KC Mayoral Transit Forum Day 1Mayoral Candidates on Transit and Upcoming City Council Transit ForumKC City Council Candidates Transit Forum

TAN advocates serve on several transit committees in the community.

  • Ron McLinden, member of the MARC Transit Committee
  • Tim Lawler, Third District member on the Johnson County Transit Council
  • Janet Rogers and Mark McDowell, members of the Stakeholders Advisory Panel for the Jackson County Commuter Corridors Alternatives Analysis
  • Kathy Darcy, member of the Mayor’s State Avenue Advisory Council (Wyandotte County)
  • Mark McDowell, TAN representative on Streetcar Neighbors

If you want to help improve the transit system in the KC region, please contact us.

Updated April 2012

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