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Save The JO – Video #2 Interview with Chuck Ferguson of Johnson County Transit

Posted by Transit Action Network on July 16, 2012

Chuck Ferguson is Deputy Transportation Director for Johnson County Transit. In this video Chuck explains the reasons for the proposed elimination of 9 of 20 bus routes (45% of The JO routes) and proposed modifications to another 45% of the routes. He also describes the reasoning for making so many of the cuts in 2013 instead of waiting to make the majority of the service changes in 2014 when the severe budget shortfalls are projected.  Based on the money available in the proposed 2013 budget, Johnson County Transit is proposing to make many of the service cuts a year earlier than needed.

Dismantling The JO to this extent is a budget problem not a ridership problem. Ridership is at an all time high and currently 12% higher than in 2011. If you care about the transit situation in Johnson County you must speak up.

Please attend the Johnson County Board of County Commissioners Public Budget Hearing, July 23rd @ 7 pm at the  Johnson County Administration Building, 111 S. Cherry, Olathe, KS 66061

If you can’t make the meeting please contact both Johnson County Transit and the Board of County Commissioners by July 30, 2012.

Contact Johnson County Board of County Commissioners

  1.  Phone: 913-715-0430
  2. Email contact form:
 Contact Johnson County Transit
  1. E-mail:
  2. Mail: Johnson County Transit, 1701 West 56 Highway, Olathe, Kansas 66061
  3. Phone: 913-715-8255 – record your message

See our first video and read our earlier articles for more information.  Save the JO – Video #1

Save The JO – Contact JOCO CommissionersSpeak Out Against Proposed JO Service Cuts, and Attend The Public Meetings July 9 and 11 — “Save The JO!”


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