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Save The JO — Video #1 Interview with JO Rider Henry Fortunato

Posted by Transit Action Network on July 9, 2012

Transit Action Network plans to produce several videos related to the Johnson County Transit proposed service reductions and modifications for January 2013. This video is the first in our series. Henry Fortunato, Director of Public Affairs for the Kansas City Public Library and a JO rider, discusses his personal views and concerns about the situation. (This is not the stated position of the Kansas City Public Library)

Please contact Johnson County Transit and the County Commissioners to stop these “voluntary cuts”.  See our previous articles for more information. Save The JO – Contact JOCO CommissionersSpeak Out Against Proposed JO Service Cuts, and Attend The Public Meetings July 9 and 11 — “Save The JO!”

Join our Facebook event page “Save The JO” to discuss what is happening and share your actions and ideas. On the event page you will already see comments about riders losing the ability to get to work and the artwork from children of the Westwood Christian Church in Johnson County who drew pictures to remind the adults to make calls to Save The JO. Have a look. Get involved!


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