Transit Action Network (TAN)

Advocates for Improved and Expanded Transit in the Kansas City Region.

Kansas City


Hearing: KCMO Proposed Ordinance Links TIF With Free Bus Passes

Action Alert: KCMO – Please Allow A New Transit Service For The Elderly and Visually Impaired


TIGER Grant Reduces Need To Take Money From The Buses

KCMO Relationship With KCATA Under Review

KCMO holds first KCATA Funding Review Committee Meeting – April 25

Last Chance – Speak up for KCATA Budget at KCMO Finance Committee Meeting Mar 20

KCATA and the KCMO Budget-Video of the March 6 hearing of the Finance, Governance and Ethics Committee

Attend KCMO Finance Committee Meeting March 6 – – City Wants to Replace Ordinance That Restored Funding to KCATA

Public Budget Hearing Saturday Feb 23 Speak Up About the Millions Diverted From KCATA

Speak Up to Restore KCATA Funding and Listen to KKFI To Get the Scoop

Action Alert! KCMO City Manager’s Budget Is Failing The Transit System


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