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KCATA Workshop: Planning Downtown Service for Kansas City’s Future – April 4

Posted by Transit Action Network on April 4, 2013

Please attend the KCATA downtown workshop.

Thursday, April 4, 5:30 – 7:30 PMMAX brt

Kansas City Design Center
1018 Baltimore
Kansas City, MO 64105

METRO ogo Join KCATA today as it begins examining a wide range of potential improvements for downtown bus service and circulation.  Share your thoughts.

Planning efforts will examine the following:

  • Short-term route changes to simplify and integrate downtown bus and MAX service with the planned streetcar on Main.
  • Potential longer-term improvements such as new transit centers, superstops, a transit mall, transit emphasis corridors and a variety of transit priority measures to best support downtown activities and development.

One Response to “KCATA Workshop: Planning Downtown Service for Kansas City’s Future – April 4”

  1. Loretta Jackson-Cowans said

    My name is Loretta .A. Jackson-Cowans and something has to be done about people being allowed to board the buses, with their pants not pulled up. I was riding the bus three days ago and I saw so many men’s underware and it made my entire bus ride uncomfortable. One guy had his pants down so low that, other people and myself, saw nothing but his “Butt Crack”. It’s disgusting!!! I’ve asked various drivers if, they could ask someone to pull their pants up, only for the drivers not to take any action at all. When the bus is packed like it always is on the route 101 Minnesota/State Ave. bus, and you are sitting down with someone standing up in front of you with their underware and/or “Butt Crack” exposed, it makes things very uncomfortable. No lady especially wants to see that, in such close quarters. I spoke to a metro supervisor about this issue and I was told that, I’d have to talk to someone at City Hall like the Mayor. In my opinion, the KCATA is and should be responsible for what occurs on their buses and should have a “No-Exposure Policy” enforced on all of their buses and the driver’s of the buses should be telling people to pull up their pants when, they board the buses with their underware and/or “Butt Crack” exposed. There’s a time and place for everything and when people board a bus, no one should have to witness such sights.

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