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KCATA Route 175 on Metcalf Avenue?

Posted by Transit Action Network on October 24, 2012

Metro Route 175

Transit Trivia: How many places along Metcalf Avenue can you find a posted bus schedule?

Did you know that KCATA (The Metro) operates a route deep into Johnson County? Route 175 has six daily round trips that go south from Ward Parkway Shopping Center (88th and State Line) along State Line, 95th Street, and Metcalf to the Sprint Campus, Menorah Hospital, and St. Luke’s South Hospital. There are about 80 riders daily. (One person making a round trip counts as two riders.)

In this view, the second northbound afternoon Route 175 trip stops to board another rider (plus your humble snapshot taker) at the southeast corner of 95th and Metcalf.

Note the bus stop sign, and the frame for the bus schedule below it on the light pole. This schedule, along with one across the street on the southwest corner of the intersection, are the only places we know of where one can find a bus schedule posted along Metcalf.

That’s the answer to the trivia question: TWO.

What irony that the only bus schedule along Metcalf — the street that’s being prepared for Johnson County’s “Connex” service next spring — is provided by KCATA, and it’s only about their Route 175.

Oh — about all that dirt: This is the site of one of the new Connex bus stops. It’ll have a shelter and a digital sign that’ll tell you when the next bus arrives. Off to the left is the Metcalf South Shopping Center. The JO’s park-and-ride lot will be relocated to this corner from its current location on the east side of the shopping center next to the Glenwood Arts Theater. Another Connex stop and shelter will be constructed on the west side of Metcalf, just south of 95th Street.


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