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Route 142 – 3rd and Grand and Zona Rosa? Check Out All the Metro Changes

Posted by Transit Action Network on September 27, 2012

Did you see the notice taped over the bus stop sign at the 3rd and Grand MAX Station? It’s evidence of good things to come. Really good things.

Beginning on Sunday, September 30, KCATA Route 142 – North Oak will change. Here’s what’s in store:
– Route 142 will operate seven days a week.
– Hours of operation will be extended into the evening.
– Buses will run more often during much of the day.
– Buses will stop at the 3rd and Grand park-and-ride lot / MAX Station for direct connections to Main Street MAX and access to Bike-Share.
– Buses will operate both north and south on Grand, making it easier to find your bus for the return trip.
– Buses will continue to go south through Crown Center to 27th and Grand.
– And finally — Ta-Dah! – Route 142 will go all the way up to Zona Rosa.

Put it all together and you have the makings of an almost guaranteed surge in ridership.

This change to Route 142 represents a significant improvement in transit service for the Northland — maybe the most significant ever!

What’s more, North Oak is one of the transit corridors in the region identified for major improvements with money from both the TIGER Grant (2009) and the more recent Creating Sustainable Places program.

What’s not to like?

Big changes are happening on the Metro this Sunday as KCATA rolls out more of the route and schedule changes resulting from the Comprehensive Service Analysis. Check out all the changes to see how they affect you.  Metro Changes.

For further information about Route 142:
Bulletin from KCATA…
New route map
New schedule:


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