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KCATA Comment Period on July Route Changes Closes April 23

Posted by Transit Action Network on April 20, 2012

KCATA recently began implementing service changes based on the Comprehensive Service Analysis completed in 2011. KCATA received over 700 comments on proposed route changes for 55 routes, and 24 route changes were modified based on public input.

Changes have been implemented on a few routes, and changes on 21 additional routes will take effect in July.  Additional changes are scheduled for October and next January. See the Implementation Schedule.

Review the Preliminary Schedules.

KCATA asks customers to submit comments or questions on the preliminary schedules no later than April 23, using any of the following methods:


One Response to “KCATA Comment Period on July Route Changes Closes April 23”

  1. Kat T said

    I ride the 471 every morning and afternoon from the IRS campus. There are so many poeple that do, some of them blind or with other handicaps…What are they supposed to do, walk to Crown Center?? This is rediculous!!! I am having knee surgery next month and will spend a long time on crutches then in rehab, there is NO way I can walk down there! What are people that rely on this stop supposed to do??? WHO came up with this stupid idea?

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