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Time for Downtown Residents to Get Serious about a Streetcar

Posted by Transit Action Network on April 10, 2012

Downtown is about to enter the next phase of building a streetcar line from River Market to Crown Center.

The line will be 2.2 miles long and is estimated to cost $101 million. The City has applied for a $25 million grant from the Federal Government to help fund the project.  The money will be hard to get because the competition for federal dollars is fierce. Over 700 applications amounting to $10.5 billion dollars in requests were made for the $500 million dollars available. Local support and a local funding mechanism make a big difference to the federal process. Downtown property owners and retail customers will be asked to pay the difference between the project cost and the federal contribution through the formation of a Transportation Development District. Financing the streetcar is a huge hurdle for Kansas City citizens and particularly downtown property owners to overcome.

Now is the time for local action.

1. Take part in the public hearing April 17. The judge will hear testimony for and against the creation of the Transportation Development District (TDD). You don’t have to speak at the hearing, but show up for support and to make a big impression. TAN intends to speak in favor of the streetcar project and the formation of the TDD. Businesses and property owners can object to the formation of the TDD if they feel the structure is unfair.  After this hearing it is up to the judge and the voters.

Streetcar TDD Public Hearing

Tuesday, April 17, 2012 @ 1:30pm

Jackson County Courthouse, 12thand Oak, Kansas City MO

TDD Map - Click To Enlarge

2.  Make sure you are registered to vote, if you live in the Transportation Development District (TDD).  If you aren’t registered – GET REGISTERED!


3.    Follow Streetcar Neighbors on Facebook. Streetcar Neighbors is a group of downtowners dedicated to making the streetcar happen.

If downtown voters create the TDD then there will be an additional election later in the summer to create the necessary funding. The city is actively trying to find alternative funding sources to cover the costs of building and operating the streetcar.

Downtown Streetcar timeline – Downtowners need to register to vote

April 17 – TDD public hearing – BE THERE!

April 18 – TDD judicial hearing

June 5 TDD election (Transportation Development District only)

Summer 2012 – Federal grant winners announced

Fall 2012 – TDD revenue election (Transportation Development District only)

2013-2014- Construction

April 2015 – Operations begins


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