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Urgent Action Alert! Downtown Streetcar Needs Letters of Support

Posted by Transit Action Network on March 1, 2012

Kansas City, MO is applying for Federal dollars to help pay the construction costs for the proposed Downtown Streetcar from the River Market to Crown Center.

The Federal Tiger Grant process is competitive and applications with significant local support have a greater chance of success.  Transit Action Network, along with numerous other organizations, already supplied a letter of support to the project team. Now they are asking individuals to do the same.

Vireo (formerly Patti Banks Associates) provided  a form letter for individuals. Letter of Support with Customizeable Language_TAN Feel free to personalize the letter.  Additional information: TIGER Grant Handout for KC Downtown Streetcar. The February 27 deadline on the handout was for organizations. Individuals need to send their letters ASAP. Applications close mid-March.

Hardcopies are requested since original signatures are preferred.

Send to:

Julie Lorenz
Burns & McDonnell
9400 Ward Parkway
Kansas City, Missouri, 64114


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