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Action Alert!!! House GOP Moves to Eliminate Dedicated Transit Funding

Posted by Transit Action Network on February 2, 2012

Call your member of Congress immediately. The House Ways and Means Committee is attempting to eliminate gas tax revenue from funding transit and instead give all the money to roads. Transit gets about 20% of the fuel tax receipts. Today’s announcement provides only one day of warning before the bill is marked up starting Friday, February 3rd at 9 am.

H.R. 3864, the American Energy and Infrastructure Jobs Financing Act of 2012, threatens to eliminate three decades of successful investments in public transit by ending the guarantee for dedicated funding for public transportation that has been in place since Ronald Reagan. This money is essential to help states and local communities advance critical transit projects.  The House GOP wants any funding for public  transit to come from general revenue therefore making transit fight for every dollar against all the other government expenditures.

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Read DC.StreetsBlog   House GOP Moves to Decimate Dedicated Transit Funding

Call your member of Congress now:

Missourians: Rep. Cleaver (202) 225-4535 or Rep. Graves (202) 225-7041

Kansans:  Rep. Yoder (202) 225-2865

    • Tell them that you are aware that H.R. 3864 proposes to terminate all dedicated federal funding for public transit.
    • Tell them that you support retaining funding for public transit at the full 2.86 cents per gallon of the federal gas tax.
    • Ask them to do what they can to make sure that H.R. 3864 maintains full funding for public transit.

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