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Help Protect the Transit Budget in Johnson County

Posted by Transit Action Network on January 27, 2012


Johnson County Transit has already had several years of budget cuts.  This year it resulted in cutting service and changing routes. In the next two budgets they could lose an additional $700,000 or more in total, which would have a significant impact on riders and the level of transit service.

Johnson County is having focus groups to gain information from residents about how they would balance the budget. If you are a resident please attend the focus group in your district to voice your budget priorities. You must register to be included.

More information at Johnson County Residents to Voice Budget Priorities

To RSVP, contact Jennifer Wilding at or 816.531.5078. With so few spaces available, they are sure to go quickly so please get in touch soon.

If you don’t get on a focus group, please contact your commissioner and tell him how important it is to improve and expand transit service in Johnson County, and ask them not to do additional budget cuts. Transit is a basic infrastructure service and in an urban setting delivering people to jobs is like delivering gas, water and electricity.  Please help secure transit funding.

Focus group dates

The meetings will run from 6 to 8 p.m. at a central site in each district.

Dates include:

District 1: Wednesday, February 15 (Commissioner Ed Peterson)

 District 2: Thursday, February 9 (Commissioner Jim Allen)

 District 3: Thursday, March 1 (Commissioner David Lindstrom)

 District 4: Monday, February 13 (Commissioner Jason Osterhaus)

 District 5: Monday, March 12 (Commissioner Michael Ashcraft)

 District 6: Wednesday, February 8 (Commissioner Calvin Hayden)


One Response to “Help Protect the Transit Budget in Johnson County”

  1. Diane Stewart said

    I just emailed and asked to be included in the focus group for Olathe, we’ll see what happens. Thanks for bringing this to my attention, I hadn’t heard anything about it in the newspaper.

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