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Sanders Commits to Transit

Posted by Transit Action Network on November 3, 2011

County Executive Mike Sanders, in his State of the County Address today, made a strong commitment to regional public transit.

After describing past accomplishments of his administration, Sanders clearly had his eye on the next generation when he closed by talking about transit.

We have decisions to make, he said. It’s time for a new vision to meet the transportation needs of the next generation.

We have a rich tradition of public transit, and Sanders said he is committed to a modern public transit system.

Sanders cited a Brookings report earlier this year — the one that ranked our region 90th of 100 at getting people to jobs by transit — and pointed out that while only some of us ride transit, all of us need it.

Sanders said the region has recently gotten $2 million in federal money to study how to meet transit needs in major commuter corridors, and he is working with regional partners to complete those studies.

Sanders closed with what he called one simple question: What do we want to do for the next generation?

He asked people to join with him on the next journey, building a regional transit system.

In his speech Sanders made no reference to any particular form of transit. That’s appropriate because the requisite studies have not been completed. Nor was there a hard-and-fast target date. That, too, is appropriate because funding is uncertain.

County Executive Mike Sanders made a strong leadership commitment to regional transit, and that is truly significant.


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