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Streetcar Presentation at Downtown Neighborhood Association

Posted by Transit Action Network on April 29, 2011

Sherri McIntyre, KCMO Assistant City Manager. addresses DNA

Sherri McIntyre, KCMO Assistant City Manager, and Mark McDowell, Transit Action Network, both addressed the Downtown Neighborhood Association Wednesday evening regarding the Downtown Corridor (Streetcar) Study. Sherri talked about the nature of the study, how the study would progress, its time frame and how positive the city is about implementing a modern streetcar line downtown. Mark McDowell then focused on different financing issues and how a Transportation Development District (TDD) is a possible funding mechanism. The Missouri legislation for a TDD will be a strong contender for funding all or part of a streetcar line for both capital and operating expenses.

Mark McDowell addresses DNA

Since the study is scheduled to be completed by the end of the year, it is not too early to start grassroots organizing. Transit Action Network asks Downtown residents, as well as residents in the River Market and Crossroads, to take part in a group to make the streetcar happen and to participate in an eventual campaign to pass whatever funding mechanism is ultimately proposed.   Downtown residents can contact TAN at to find out more.

The Kansas City Star (April 29) carried a front-page article by Mike Mansur about the meeting.


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