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Loss of E-TAX could devastate KCMO Transit

Posted by Transit Action Network on March 29, 2011

Transit Action Network strongly supports retention of the Kansas City Earnings Tax in the special election on April 5.

We all worked hard to protect transit funding last year.  During that process members of the city council, the mayor’s staff, and the interim city manager were all very candid about the impact losing the E-TAX would have on the ordinance they passed in December 2010 to restore transit funding.

We were told that loss of the Earnings Tax would place an extraordinary financial strain on the city, and that extraordinary measures would have to be taken. The transit funding ordinance (Ordinance 100951) would be rescinded, and the city would use the 1/2-cent transportation sales tax to replace E-TAX revenue used for non-transit transportation purposes.

This would deal a devastating blow to transit, and significant transit service cuts would have to be made.

If you care about transit — if you care about providing access to jobs and many other opportunities, vote YES on April 5 to retain the Earnings Tax!


One Response to “Loss of E-TAX could devastate KCMO Transit”

  1. Elizabeth Fischer said

    I will vote yes! I hope the people who ride the bus will vote in large numbers.

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