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Mayoral Candidates on Transit and Upcoming City Council Transit Forum

Posted by Transit Action Network on March 11, 2011

Transit Action Network (TAN) is re-posting the mayoral transit forum for candidates Mike Burke and Sly James to assist voters in making informed decisions regarding candidates’ positions on transit matters for the City of Kansas City and its surrounding Metro area. We will not endorse any candidate through our website or other communication efforts.

Sly James

Mike Burke

We greatly appreciate the effort and thoughtful answers of these candidates.

We believe these questions will need to be addressed during the next mayoral term, although they deal with transit issues that have both short-term and long-term time horizons.

Early next week we will post our transit forum for City Council candidates. They have all been contacted and asked to respond to four transit questions.

Click here for mayoral candidates responses.   Sly James and Mike Burke on Transit

Public Comment: TAN is serious about getting improved and expanded transit in the Kansas City Region.  We welcome diverse views on transit that are presented in a civil manner. This is a moderated blog-site and only transit-related comments or questions will be posted.


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