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Let’s Tweet Up Transit!!!

Posted by Transit Action Network on August 19, 2010

The JO's Route 575 connects with KCATA's MAX at Waldo

Announcing Transit Action Network’s first occasional Tweet Up Transit Sweepstakes.

If you care about transit like we care about transit, let’s get on the bus and tweet about it.  Specifically, let’s ride and tweet about The JO’s new and expanded service routes, plus Route M (AKA, the Route of the Dinosaurs).

There’s a prize at stake.

Here’s how it works:

Between now and Friday, September 3, ride any of the following Johnson County Transit routes and then tweet about it.

+ Route 556 / 856 – Metcalf Plaza (135th and Metcalf to the Plaza and Cleaver Blvd and Troost)

+ Route 575 / 875 – 75th Street (KU Edwards and JCCC to Waldo)

+ Route 664 – Metcalf Downtown (135th and Metcalf to Downtown Kansas City)

+ Route M / 672 – Midday (Great Mall and Olathe to Downtown Kansas City and Union Station)

Tell us which route you rode and a little about your experience.  Most important, include our Twitter name @transactionkc (so it’ll show up on our Twitter timeline), plus the hashtag #thejo.  For each day that you tweet we’ll enter you into a drawing for a big prize.  There are 15 days — including weekends, when you can’t ride but you can still tweet — so you can have up to 15 chances to win.

At the end we’ll post all of the tweets — or at least the best ones — on our blog.  And we’ll award the prize.

So come on, let’s get out there and ride.  And tweet!  (Employees of Johnson County Transit, KCATA, and MARC are encouraged to enter but are not eligible to win.)

Oh, yeah — the prize.  The prize will be a 10-ride pass on The JO.  We know, that’s not a very impressive prize.  But hey, you think we’re millionaires?  😉


2 Responses to “Let’s Tweet Up Transit!!!”

  1. Ron McLinden said

    There were no entries for our Tweet Up Transit compaign for TheJO. We’ll sharpen our viral marketing skills and try again another time.

  2. […] + We have helped to spread the word about new JCT services through social media […]

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